Wanna Blow Joanna Angel Up?

Win kick-ass prizes with your video of the Joanna Angel Blow Up Doll–that’s right, Topco Sales is looking for creative, funny, quirky videos for the Topco Sales and Joanna Angel Blow Up Doll Video Contest.

The grand prize is $1000 (retail value) in Joanna Angel Burning Angel Toys and merchandise. Two winning prizes receive $500 in prizes, and $800 in prizes goes to the fan favorite.

The contest invites you to submit videos to BlowJoannaUp.com. We’re not looking for pornographic content, but instead ask for quirky and irreverent videos.

Joanna Angel explains, “We want people to take the doll to the movies. We want them to punk their friends, like; hide the doll up in their roommate’s bed. Take the doll to a theme park. Or get silly and have a mad tea party with the doll. The bottom line is people should have fun with it! Then they should follow the hash tag on Twitter, #BlowJA, to keep current with the contest buzz.”

In addition to Twitter, the Blow Up Doll is can be found on Facebook, You Tube, MySpace and Vimeo.  Follow and friend to be part of the fun.

Burning Angel Entertainment is also producing a film that features the doll.

“Basically the doll takes over my life!” says Joanna. “I don’t want to give away too much of the plot line, but she magically becomes animated and has a mind of her own…a very devious mind.” The film will be released in August, 2010.

Wanna enter the contest or take a look at the videos already on the site?  Go to www.BlowJoannaUp.com.  You can comment on people’s videos and even vote for your favorite.

So what do you think?  Ready to enter your video?


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The Top Ten Sex Toys for Brides and Grooms

Brides, grooms, the bachelorette or bachelor party, the honeymoon, the bridal shower — all these wedding events have one thing in common…

You gotta get the perfect gift for the bride and groom!

Blushing brides want sex toys and lingerie on their wedding night more than ever before.  One recent report indicates that 25% of couples have a sex toy with them on their honeymoon.

So if you are the maid of honor or the devoted sister, make sure you keep this in mind while doing your bridal shopping.

Guys should keep this list in mind, too, because the bachelor party isn’t just about blow up dolls and gag gifts.  Guys want to have something useful in the bedroom on their wedding night.

Here are the Top Ten Sex Toys for Brides and Grooms as selected by the Marketing Department at Topco Sales:

Number 10 — Climax Rabbits Cottontail Kit

Couples’ kits are one of the hottest gifts.  This kit offers a little something for him and for her and comes in the understated, streamlined Climax packaging–this means Aunt Marge won’t blush when this comes out of the wrapping at the bridal shower.

Number 9 — Body Bingo Game

An incredibly popular and easy to play game.  Sexy, fun and oh-so-stimulating, Body Bingo is the perfect gift at the bridal shower, for the honeymoon, at the bachelorette party, and even at the bachelor party.

Number 8 — Adam & Eve Signature Toys CyberSkin Cock Ring Dual Slider

This one certainly has the groom in mind.  Love rings are always a hit as a couples’ toy, and this ring includes a ball strap and two vibrating Love Bullets.  One provides stimulation for him on the testicles, and the other gives her clitoral stimulation.  The batteries are even included.  Perfect for a serious bachelor party gift.

Number 7 — Lure for Her Pheromone Soy Massage Candle

What a way for the bride and groom to get romantic on their wedding night!  This massage candle drips oil onto the skin without burning, making it perfect for that honeymoon massage.

Number 6 — Sinclair Institute Select Crystal G

Glass shows class and the new Sinclair Institute Select Crystal G is in a class by itself.  Pretty etched CyberGlass is resistant to chipping and conducts both hot and cold, meaning the bride and groom can create different effects by running it under hot or cold water.  Curved to hit the G-Spot, this one is perfect as an elegant gift any bride would love.

Number 5 — My First Vibe with Bonus Vibe Ring in Powder White

Perfect for a sex toy first timer and even the most timid of brides, the My First Vibe with Bonus Vibe Ring is pretty, simple and includes a bonus stretchy love ring with sensuous ticklers.

Number 4 — Bachelorette Party DVD Game

Perfect to get the girls giggling during the bachelorette party!  Maids of honor need to grab the Bachelorette Party DVD Game to throw the most memorable party the bride-to-be could imagine.  Great fun, loads of laughs, don’t forget this one.

Number 3 — The Bondage Love Swing

An upgrade to the ever-popular Love Swing, the Bondage Love Swing comes in pristine white making it the ultimate gift for the bride and groom.  If it seems too pricey keep in mind this is the perfect gift for the groomsmen or bridesmaids to all chip in on, making it the ideal group gift.

Number 2 — Penthouse Couples Collection Make Love Warming and Tingling Lubricant

Don’t forget the lube!  Introducing Penthouse’s newest lubricant for couples.  It provides both warming and tingling sensations and is a great gift for either the bride or the groom. 

Number 1 — Grrl Toyz Silk Touch Egg Vibe

An all-time best-selling vibe, the Grrl Toyz Silk Touch Egg Vibe is an excellent gift for the bride.  Plus it could be a great prize at the bachelorette party or the perfect naughty gift from the bride to all the bridesmaids.  With some many gifting options the Grrl Toyz Silk Touch Egg Vibe is must-have for wedding season.

 All these wedding gifts are available from most adult stores.  Search for them online or ask at your local shop.

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69 Collection at Maloof Estate for a Good Cause

Topco Sales will have its 69 Collection featured as a unique charity event happening at Adrienne Maloof’s estate to benefit the Noreen Fraser Foundation (NFF).  Presented by The Silver Spoon, the two-day Pre-Emmy party takes place Sept. 16 and 17 and features a luncheon, spa services, celebrity gifting and a special room called The Palms Casino Loungecards and chips

The Palms Casino Lounge will feature a poker table, blackjack, and other casino games.  While the guests enjoy the gaming Topco Sales representatives will provide celebrity attendees with yummy free samples and cute 69 tote bags as take-home gifts.  They invited me to be a special guest dealer at the poker table.  And for kicks all poker players will also be given a Noveltease Stress Ball from Topco Sales so everyone playing can ‘hold the nuts’. 

old fashioned poker ladiesThe Palms Casino Lounge anticipates visits from some of the top celebrity poker players, including: Annie Duke, Shannon Elizabeth and Cheryl Hines.  Other celebrity supporters of NFF include Jack Black, Bob Saget, Melissa Etheridge and many others.  NFF was started by Hollywood Producer, Noreen Fraser, who is a stage IV breast cancer survivor.  The organization is focused on finding cures for women’s cancers and the foundation asks the question, “Whose boobs will you save?”  Gotta love that slogan, huh?

The popular 69 Collection consists of oral sex-enhancing products.  It’s making a big impact in the market and is the center of major media attention.  The 69 Collection was recently featured in the Topco Top Secret Room in the Malibu Beach House and was a hit among celebrities and Hollywood’s trend setters who visited.  It has also been the topic of conversation on Night Calls on Playboy Radio and The Sheena Metal Experience on LA Talk Radio.

If you would like to attend and support NFF, please contact Anna Brock at Anna@thesilverspoon.com.   Just tell her Desiree sent ya!


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Inside The Silver Spoon Malibu Beach House Topco Top Secret Room

Lindsey Lohan played with the Grrl Toyz Lipstick Vibrator.  Jennifer Carpenter and Busy Phillips played with some Naughty Grrl Toyz bondage gear.  That’s right, celebrities are exploring the adult themed products in the TopcoTop Secret Room at the famous Silver Spoon Malibu Beach House!DCP_3067

A relaxation destination for celebrities, stylists and press, the Silver Spoon Malibu Beach House is open for the entire month of July and features the best *SUMMER MUST HAVES* from some of the most respected brands in the world.

New this year is a very special room in the Malibu Beach House–The Topco Top Secret Room.  It is brimming with some of Topco Sales’ most prestigious brands and products including: Climax, Grrl Toyz, Penthouse Toys, Joanna Angel Burning Angel Toys, The 69 Collection, The Private Dancer Stripper Pole, and the Bondage Love Swing

To see the latest on the Topco Sales Top Secret Room visit the official website

Some upcoming celebrity guest and events include: a press junket for Van Wilder, a party hosted by Shannen Doherty and Jaime Lynn Siegler, a Rocco Despirito dinner, visits from Paris Hilton, Amanda Bynes, the Duffs, Denise Richards, Lance Bass, Mario Lopez, MTV’s The Hills cast and many others.


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April Flores’ Love Toy is Canvas for Eight World-Renown Artists

Can a sex toy be considered art?  Are big girls sexy?  How do you see beauty in the female form?w1272-7_product_2

All those questions were posed in an exciting art exhibit where eight renowned artists displayed their individual works of art.  Each a plaster cast made out of the same mold used to create the April Flores Voluptuous CyberSkin Pussy.

This sex toy is the first replica of a large woman ever produced by Topco Sales.  It forces the question: can big girls w1272-7_mdbe sexy?  Is a natural woman more desirable than an ultra-thin one?

The eight artists that used April as a canvas include:

Axis  is a provocative graphic illustrator and graffiti artist known for his bold images.


Carlos Batts  is an accomplished film director, producer, and artist, who claims April Flores as his muse.

Known for smoking devils and outrageous monsters adorning everything from t-shirts to skate boards and album covers, COOP  is an integral part of subversive LA art scene.

Jim Mahfood is a prolific comic book artist and member of the prestigious new Artsprojekt.

Kim Buzzelli  combines fashion, music and witchcraft to design evocative paintings, illustrations and installations.

The mad-scientist pairing of Kozy & Dan  results in unforgettable graphic designs, hip clothing and the Bunnyfish.

Misha  is equally famous for her Large Eye, Japanese-inspired takes on famous figures and her brilliantly detailed tattoo art.

New Wave rocker and artist Small Paul  has left his mark on countless celebrities as a highly sought after tattoo artist.

April is a vivacious performance artist and admired by many for her openess with her voluptious female figure. 


Click here to see April Flores talk about her sex toy.

Sheena Metal interviewed April, Carlos Batts, and me recently on LA Talk Radio.  Click here to listen to the show which aired Tuesday, April 28th.  We spent two hours in the studio discussing the beauty of voluptuous women, the art scene, the show, April’s movies, and more.

The unique April Flores Toy Exhibit happened Wednesday, May 13th, 2009, at the La Luz de Jesus Gallery , located at 4633 Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, California.


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Do You Have an Erotic Adventure to Share?

The Penthouse City Contest invites you to unlock an erotic adventure...

Writing erotic literature can be a liberating way to share your deepest desires and unleash your own fantasies under the guise of fiction.  According to Katrina’s artilce on zimbo.com:

“Writing erotica is one of the most exciting, interesting, and fun jobs out there, and also has the potential to make you a lot of dough. Just look at the salaries of popular erotic writers such as Caleb Knight, RJ Masters, D.H. Lawrence, and Lonnie Barbach, who make a living off of writing novels as well as selling snippets of their work to popular publications such as Cosmopolitan, Playgirl, and Maxim.”

If you have an erotic adventure bubbling inside of you, then consider submitting your story for consideration in the Penthouse City Toys Contest.  Winners will have their stories published in the December issue of Penthouse Letters Magazine.  What better way to get your erotic adventure published?la

Most publishers and literary agents agree that having published articles increases a writer’s chance of getting a book published.  Recognition in a prestigious publication like Penthouse Letters could give you that launch in your erotic writing career.

Submissions are being accepted now through May 31, 2009.  The top ten stories will be posted on the Penthouse Contest website for public viewing and voting from June 15th, 2009 until July 17th, 2009.

shanghiThe Penthouse City Contest centers around the exciting new line of Penthouse City Toys which are inspired by some of the most erotic and exotic cities in the world.  Paris, Rome, Shanghai, Los Angeles, and New Orleans each have a different sex toy. 


If you want to get a taste of some previously written erotic adventures, check out some of the sensual sample stories on the Penthouse City Contest website.

no1Your erotic adventure can take place anywhere in the world and you can use any Penthouse City toy as inspriation.  For more details and complete rules, visit www.PenthouseCityContest.com.

I’m on the official panel of judges!  I hope to read your erotic adventure very soon…



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Picking the Right Sex Toy Reviewer

double-teamer1We send out a lot of different types of sex toys to different reviewers all over the world.  Some of them go to women’s magazines, trade magazines like XBiz and ANB, bloggers and more. 

It is a great way for us to get feedback on products.  We also love the fact that so many others can learn about our products by reading somebody’s first-hand review of it. 

We make so many different types of products for all types of people.  Adam & Eve Signature Toys really capture the porn’s brand with sexy girls on the packaging and no-fuss products that do the job right. 

The Penthouse Pet Collection is a series of toys molded directly from Pets’ body parts and made out of CyberSkin so they feel JUST like a real Penthouse Pet.

One of my pesonal favorites is Chi Chi LaRue’s Rascal Toys.  These are HUGE toys made for gay men and they are simply awe inspiring.  I don’t use them, but I can appreciate their sense of style!

One of our most popular in-house brands is Grrl Toyz.  Sexy, savvy, saucy these toys target the ladies who know they don’t need any silly boyz as long as they got their toyz.

So when we send products out to all these different reviewers sometimes an unfortunate thing happens.  The wrong type of person gets the wrong type of toy.

It breaks my heart to read a review of a big ol’ honkin Rascal toy by some little old married couple in the UK.  No shit that toy is going to scare the crap out of them!

Rascal Toys Reviewed

We kinda take a leap of faith when we send products to the different review sites.  Sex Toy Testers in the UK does a bang-up job getting our products into the hands of their reviewers, but do they really have to send the Rascal toys to the heterosexual married couples? 

Rascal Butt Plug Reviewed

It is important for me to address this because Topco Sales puts so much energy into creating a variety of brands and products that appeal to all different types of people, it is unfortunate when a great product gets a bad review because it got into the hands of the wrong person.

It is a struggle to find good sex toy reviewers.  Sounds easy, huh?  Someone sends you a box of toys, you play with them, then write up what you think.  Well, we’ve found that many random people kinda get busy with their life so they don’t always post that promised review. 

Sometime people feel like they need to review a toy like a movie reviewer and purposely look for flaws.

Many are just plain inexperienced and don’t understand how an item even works.  I mean really, dude, you don’t know how to use a cockring?  Why is the review site sending REALLY BASIC TYPE of products to people who don’t even know how to use them? 

Cockring Review

If we get a negative review based on the merits of the product, that is fine.  The constructive critisism is okay by me. 

In this case they sent a very high-end pair of CyberSkin Breasts, molded from Penthouse Pet Kimberly Williams, to a woman.  Really?  Obviously this product is for a guy who like big boobs. 

Kimberly Williams Boobs Review

Not all of the reviews are bad, actually, most of them are quite good.  Sex Toy Testers did a gret job selecting the reviewers of the new Slimline G 8X Dual Pleasers.  I personally think these toys are as functional as they are gorgeous and it is nice to see them appreciated.

Slimline Review

I’m looking for a few good reviewers.  Need the best of the best.  People who take it seriously.  We don’t pay for reviews or offer affiliate programs of any kind.  We have integrity and treat our reviewers like members of the press.  We hope that they are honest and not influenced by money.

Interested?  Lemme know!  We got some cooool toys to give to the right people to test.


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