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SAVE THE VIBE! Take Green Sex Toy Survey and Win Free Vibrator

Hey, our friends over at Sex Toy Testers are helping us SAVE THE VIBE! The vibrator in question is the grrl toyz Endless Love Rechargeable Vibe. This is a very environmentally-friendly vibrator as you recharge it and don’t use a bunch of nasty batteries.

Why are we trying to save this eco-friendly sex toy? Well this poor little misunderstood vibrator just isn’t selling as much as the corporate suits would like. So we are trying to save it! It is truly an amazing, green, sex toy that has an inovatative charging system–you just plug it it and charge it up and your ready to go!

Sex Toy Testers are helping by posting a Green Sex Toy Survey for us. So all you have to do to SAVE THE VIBE is take the survey and let us know what you think about eco-friendly sex toys!

The cool part is that we are giving away the grrl toyz Endless Love Rechargeable Vibe to ten random people who fill out the survey. The vibe retails for about $70…so it is a sweet prize.



Click here to take the Green Sex Toy Survey, to SAVE THE VIBE, and to maybe win a free grrl toyz Endless Love Rechargeable Vibe!  And you can find out more on the Topco Sales Community.


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Party Planners Paint a Pack of Paint-a-Peckers at the International Lingerie Show

The Internation Ligerie Show (also known as ILS) is a premier event for the makers of lingerie, costumes, and botique-friendly novelty items. 

It happens twice a year in Las Vegas and includes a fashion show like no other.

It draws a variety of Home Party Planners as well, those are the women who sell novelty products kinda like your mom used to sell Tupperware or CookieLee…you know, throw a party, invite your friends over, sell some sex toys.

This year a membership organization for Home Party Planners is hosting a VIP suite during the International Lingerie Show.  Topco Sales is helping out by showcasing some of our products there.

Topco Sales has also teamed up with HPPPA to create a Paint-a-Pecker contest for home party plannners. 

Noveltease Paint-a-Peckers from Topco Sales are one of the most unique, fun products to hit the market in a long time.  These cute ceramic characters are personified penises that can be painted.  They make a great activity at home parties and are a sure-hit  for bachelorette parties, wedding showers, birthday parties, ladies’ nights, and more.

The contest is taking place in the HPPPA Suite in the Masquerade Suite during the ILS.  It is part of the HPPPA mixer happening on Monday Sept. 15th to the 17th from noon to 8pm each night.

I will post the results of the contest when I get back from Vegas…and if you are a Home Party Planner, then visit the HPPPA Suite during the International Lingerie Show and Paint some Peckers with us and wins some Topco Sales swag!




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For Something Wholesome Fuck Bree Olson

They really like Bree.  And we ain’t talking cheese here. 

Bree Olson has won more awards than any other adult star.  The fresh-faced blonde from the Midwest captivates fans with her wholesome girl-next-door looks. 

That’s why we molded her pussy and ass and made two of the most sought-after strokers on the market.

So if you wanna get a piece of Bree, well now you can. 

Also now available from Topco Salesis a Bree Olson Rawhide Hottie Inflatable Love Doll and the Bree Olson Glitter Glam Strap-On Harness and dong.

The Pussy and the Ass are both made out of incredibly realistic CyberSkin so they feel just like the 21-year-old Bree Olson. Molded directly from her body these replica pieces mimic every detail of her pussy and anus. The tunnel is extra long, open ended, ribbed, and can accommodate the included bullet in the end for extra thrills. The bullet’s controller has five speeds, is waterproof, and has a separate on/off switch.

CyberSkin in made from ingredients on FDA approved lists and contains no controversial phthalates.

The Bree Olson Rawhide Hottie Inflatable Love Doll is life-sized and has three openings: mouth, pussy and ass. She has a pretty screened face, a removable cowboy hat, and a sexy fringed cowgirl outfit. A repair kit is included in case you happen to be a roughrider.

The Bree Olson Glitter Glam Strap-On Harness and Dong is a pretty glitter filled dong with balls and is firm and flexible. It is for use with the harness and it also has a suction-cup base. The Harness fits 18″ (46 cm) to 48″ (122 cm) waists, has easy-open buckles and the harness and dong are both waterproof.

Bree Olson is one of Adam & Eve’s newest pick as a contract girl and her toys are found under the Adam & Eve Signature Toy line.  She has shot three movies for Adam & Eve, including: My Girlfriend Is a Vampire,” “Carmen & Ava,” and “Eden.”


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Sex Toy Blogging Experts Create Online Community–Join Us!


So if you are reading this blog you are obviously interested in sex toys, talking about toys, learning what they are, finding out about Topco Sales–the leading sex toy manufacturer, discovering how they are made, and all that jazz. 

It is with YOU in mind that we created a sex toy online community.  It is the Topco Sales Community and it has six expert Topco Sales sex toy bloggers all listed there.  It is like our little home for our bloggers.  The actual blogs are on Word Press and other sites, but we put them all in the Topco Sales Community so they are easy to find as a TEAM!

Now we really wanna be the source for your questions about ANYTHING sex toy and personal lubricant related.  So we made a forum where you can ask questions, share stories, learn about toys, and more.  The forum is also a part of the Topco Sales Community.

Plus we have an FAQ section, links to other sex toy blogs and more.

It is very web 2.0 of us.  We kinda feel hip now.

Here is just a little bit more about the other memebers of the Topco Sales Community Blog Team:


Dr. Tim—Resident Sex Toy Material and Personal Lubricant Expert at Topco SalesDr. Tim blogs about materials, ingredients, health and safety in the world of sex toys and personal lubricants/cosmetics.


Ali—Jack of All Trades, Master of One: Writing About Sex Toys!  Topco Sales’ copywriter has two blogs, one is a first-person review of Topco Sales’ toys and the other is a candid look at life inside the ‘Dildo Factory’.


Justina—Resident Enviro-Sexpert.  Justina has an eco-friendly sex blog that discusses the carbon footprint of getting it on.


Autumn O’Bryan—The Brains and the Brawn Behind the Sex Toys at Topco Sales.  As the Director of Product Development, Autumn’s blog is a sneak peak into the life of the mastermind behind some of the most influential toys on the market.


Tera—She Slings Sex Toys Down by the Seashore.  A Topco Sales Account Executive for five years, Tera sells the toys that make the world go ‘round.  She knows how the toys work and gives advice about what goes where and why and for how long and…well you get the picture.


That’s our blogging team…our own little network!  Hope you join us.

Dr. Tim    Ali   Justina   AutumnOb    Tera  

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