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April Flores’ Love Toy is Canvas for Eight World-Renown Artists

Can a sex toy be considered art?  Are big girls sexy?  How do you see beauty in the female form?w1272-7_product_2

All those questions were posed in an exciting art exhibit where eight renowned artists displayed their individual works of art.  Each a plaster cast made out of the same mold used to create the April Flores Voluptuous CyberSkin Pussy.

This sex toy is the first replica of a large woman ever produced by Topco Sales.  It forces the question: can big girls w1272-7_mdbe sexy?  Is a natural woman more desirable than an ultra-thin one?

The eight artists that used April as a canvas include:

Axis  is a provocative graphic illustrator and graffiti artist known for his bold images.


Carlos Batts  is an accomplished film director, producer, and artist, who claims April Flores as his muse.

Known for smoking devils and outrageous monsters adorning everything from t-shirts to skate boards and album covers, COOP  is an integral part of subversive LA art scene.

Jim Mahfood is a prolific comic book artist and member of the prestigious new Artsprojekt.

Kim Buzzelli  combines fashion, music and witchcraft to design evocative paintings, illustrations and installations.

The mad-scientist pairing of Kozy & Dan  results in unforgettable graphic designs, hip clothing and the Bunnyfish.

Misha  is equally famous for her Large Eye, Japanese-inspired takes on famous figures and her brilliantly detailed tattoo art.

New Wave rocker and artist Small Paul  has left his mark on countless celebrities as a highly sought after tattoo artist.

April is a vivacious performance artist and admired by many for her openess with her voluptious female figure. 


Click here to see April Flores talk about her sex toy.

Sheena Metal interviewed April, Carlos Batts, and me recently on LA Talk Radio.  Click here to listen to the show which aired Tuesday, April 28th.  We spent two hours in the studio discussing the beauty of voluptuous women, the art scene, the show, April’s movies, and more.

The unique April Flores Toy Exhibit happened Wednesday, May 13th, 2009, at the La Luz de Jesus Gallery , located at 4633 Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, California.


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