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Fat Ass Stars in Bromance on MTV

Fat Ass stars in Bromance on MTV

Fat Ass stars in Bromance on MTV

Sometimes my job ammuses the hell out of me.

Got an email today from some producer for Bromance on MTV.  He asked if I could send him a bunch of the Fat Ass Party Dolls for a new reality TV show.

So I of course asked him why!

Here is his response:

Thank you so much for getting back to me.  I am working on a new reality show for MTV called Bromance.  It stars Brody Jenner (from MTV’s The Hills), and is a competition show where guys will be competing to be a part of Brody’s entourage.  We are interested in using a number of the “Fat-Ass Inflatable Party Doll” (the one with no holes and a bikini) for one of our competition segments.  The guys will have to tie the inflatable dolls together to make a raft and paddle their way across a pool.  The segment is in good fun, and I know that the “Fat-Ass” doll would be perfect for this.


Please let me know if this is something you would be interested in providing for the show in exchange for an end credit.


Hehehe.  Now that sounds like some good clean fun with ol’ Fat Ass!

As for bromances in general, I wonder if there is a need for those boys to have some toys.  You know, you got a couple of heterosexuals who are man crushin’ on each other with just a tad of sexual tension between them…I think they need a toy to alieve it before an innocent night with one-too-many appletinis leads to…well you know.

So here are my top five Topco Toys to Tame the bromance:

Adam and Eve®
Carmen Luvana & Austyn Moore CyberSkin® Dual Pussy & Ass Stroker

Cheap Sex® Truck Stop Trixxxie, The Inflatable Lot Lizard Doll

Adam and Eve® Penis Pump

X-Rated™ CyberSkin® Virgin Cherry

TLC® CyberSkin® Cyber Suck

However, sometimes a bromance is a sign of something more.  For guys unable to resisit temptation, try a toy you can play with together!

My suggestion:


Rascal™ Toys Doubleteamer

That bad boy is the size of a baseball bat!  If that doesn’t satisfy a bromance, then I don’t know what will.

I’ll keep you posted about the status of the Fat Ass Party Doll being on Bromance on MTV…should be a riot to watch!


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How Are Porn Stars Molded to Make Sex Toys? Q&A-Part 2


Here is Part 2 of the Q&A with Tony Hernandez, Director of Research and Development for Topco Sales.  Tony has been molding the biggest names in porn for seventeen years and is the man responsible for some of the most unique sex toys on the market. 






We’re talking replica peices–sex toys that are made from the molds of porn stars’ body parts.


The process includes having pancake batter-like substance covering the body part.  It is sticky and gooey.  So how do the men get hard in the first place?  Are there fluffers?


Tony: A lot of times they will bring someone with them, a wife, girlfriend, boyfriend; someone to help them.  Once in awhile they use magazines or are just able to do it on their own.


So do they have to stay erect for ten minutes until the batter sets?


Tony: If they can stay hard for at least three minutes we can get a good impression.  The batter does tend to decrease them a little.  To make sure we get the right length and girth we measure them at their maximum and compare those dimensions to the mold.  If we have to we can make adjustments to the size of the mold so it is true-to-life.


Have you had any ‘super men’ that you have molded?  Someone who rose to the occasion and stayed that way without any problems?


Tony: We have had a few.  Lex Steele comes to mind first.  He had no problems getting up and staying that way.  It was amazing.  And for someone like him who is truly known for being big, it was very important so that his piece would be the right size.  Rocco Siffredi also was very impressive.  He stayed erect the entire time.  Recently Tommy Gunn and Marcos Banderas were molded and they did very well, too.

 Marcos Banderas "Rises" to the Occasion When Molded

Marcos Banderas

So the men obviously have-to-do what they have-to-do to prepare to be molded, what about the women?  They don’t need any fluffing, right?


Tony: Depends upon the woman.  We’ve had some women have sex right before we spread the batter on them.  Right there on the table they had sex so that the area becomes engorged.  They want their toys to feel just like a real vagina does when you have sex.


Is there anything else you do to make the pieces as realistic as possible?


Tony:  Well I said that the mixture is warm when we apply it, but there have been times when we cool it down before application so that the skin forms goose bumps and we get the realism of the skin’s texture.  Once the toy is made we have skilled artists and craftsmen who paint the individual pieces by hand.  They pay attention to every detail and capture the exact skin tones and nuances. 


So what is the most memorable molding moment over the past seventeen years?


Tony: There are so many.  I remember the time we had six women come in to be molded in one day—that is the all-time record at Topco Sales®—a very busy day. 


But to tell you the truth, the most memorable has to be the very first molding I ever did for Topco Sales; Nina Hartley.  She did something that no other person has ever been able to accomplish while being molded, and I will never forget it. 


Once the mixture was prepared and spread over her vagina, she laid back and put both feet high in the air and spread her legs.  The amazing thing is she stayed that way, spread eagle, for a full half hour while the mixture hardened.  She was so relaxed and comfortable…she just kicked back and read a book while she waited.  I have never since seen any woman who could hold that pose for that long.  Most of them start shaking after just a little bit and sometimes their legs have to be held in place.  Nina was just amazing!


As amazing as the molding process is, the real question is: What kind of a market is there for replica sex toys?  People often wonder if a celebrity component helps increase the sales of certain sex toys.  As the Director of Marketing and Public Relations at Topco Sales®, I can tell you that we see a definite benefit to making the replica pieces. 


Take Lex Steel for example, his massive manhood is famous and women are very interested to see exactly what it is like to be with Lex.  One of best-selling Topco Sales® replica pieces is Carmen Luvana’s Pussy and Ass under the Adam & Eve® Signature Toy® Line.  Fans of her movies can actually experience what it is like to be with her while watching her movies. 


But we don’t just assume that a celebrity on the packaging will increase sales, we also do research to see what consumer’s reactions are to porn star replica toys, and we carefully analyze our return on investment when marketing a celebrity piece as compared to a generic toy.


In the future you can expect to see many more molded replica pieces from Topco Sales®.


Recently several celebrity moldings have been done in preparation for an expansion under the Wildfire® line of products.  Hitting the market right now are pieces molded from Tommy Gunn, Marco Banderas and Katie Morgan.  For Adam & Eve®’s Signature Toy® Line, replicas of Bree Olson pussy and ass are now hitting store shelves. 


The Penthouse® Pet Collection features Heather Vendeven, Cassia Reily, Aimee Sweet and many others.  It will have new addition from Kimberly Williams very soon. 


Chi Chi LaRue’s Rascal™ Toy line consists of six replica pieces, including the latest of Blake Riley.


Celebrity replica pieces are incredibly popular right now and the fascination that the public has for them will never go away.   To think that as you hold a CyberSkin® penis molded from Marco Banderas, with that amazingly realistic feel that only CyberSkin® has, that it is exactly what Marco feels like…well that is truly tantalizing. 






Desiree Duffie is the Director of Marketing and Public Relations for Topco Sales®, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of adult novelties. 

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How Are Porn Stars Molded to Make Sex Toys? Q&A-Part 1

Ryder Sky holds mold of her ass that will be used to make sex toy

Ryder Sky holds mold of her ass that will be used to make sex toy

Topco Sales® is known as being the makers of the original CyberSkin®, as the manufacturers of the world famous Love Swing®, and for being a true leader in the world of sex toys. 


But when people get a chance to ask questions about Topco Sales®, inevitably the conversations turns to the mysterious topic of—porn star moldings.




How do you pick the people to mold? 

What is the mixture made of? 

How do the men stay…ah…up to the challenge? 

How does it feel to be molded…does it seep into unexpected areas? 

Is it sticky? 

How long does it take? 

How many celebrities has Topco Sales® molded?

How many sex toys have you made from porn starrs?


As the Director of Marketing and Public Relations for Topco Sales®, I’ve made it my mission to find the answers.  A Topco Sales® insider and expert in the field will reveal to us the esoteric realm of molding the private parts of porn stars. 


His name is Tony Hernandez and he is the Director of Research and Development at Topco Sales®.  He has been making molds, replica pieces and sex toys for seventeen years.  His very first celebrity molding was Nina Hartley.  Tony confessed to me that Nina did something while being molded that no other celebrity has ever been able to do since…I’ll reveal what that is a little later on. 


Others molded in those early days include Chasey Lain and Jenna Jameson; they were the second and third celebrities to ever be molded by Topco Sales®.  Over the years hundreds of others have had their bits and pieces cast to make a variety of sex toys. 


Pussies, asses, penises, breasts, full buttocks, mouths and lips, virtually any and all body parts have been cast to make sex toys made out of CyberSkin®, silicone, Jel-lee®, Sensafirm™ and other materials.


I asked Tony to explain the first steps of the process of molding porn stars’ body parts to make sex toys.


Tony: We request that they come in pre-shaved.  Both men and women need to be totally bare down there.  Many of them think that the mixture will stick to them, but it won’t and I almost always have to reassure them that it won’t be sticky.


Who do you mold, are they all porn stars?


Tony: Not all of them are celebrities.  Some of them are regular people we hire.  We use them to make a variety of realistic strokers and dildos so that the toys are as realistic as possible.  Most of them, though, are either porn stars or models in the adult world.  And those people are the most challenging because we strive to make those replica pieces completely true-to-life.


What is the mixture made of?


Tony: I can’t tell you exactly what the ingredients are, it is a secret recipe that we developed in-house.  I can tell you that it has just the right consistency to capture every nook and cranny to create the most realistic pieces on the market.  It is non-toxic and totally safe.  We call it ‘pancake batter’, because that is what it feels like.


I’ll never look at a stack of flapjacks the same again!  So tell me, what do you do to make sure the ‘pancake batter’ doesn’t seep inside any place that it shouldn’t?


Tony: It doesn’t do that.  It won’t go inside the human body.  However there was one time that I thought it might.  We molded a woman—who out of respect will remain nameless—and she had a surprisingly large opening.  It was the largest I ever saw.  I was afraid that it was too big and the mixture might enter her, but it didn’t.  Nothing got inside.  The consistency of the batter combined with the body’s natural reflex keeps it from seeping in.


How long does it take to mold someone?


Tony: The actual amount of time the batter takes to set is about ten minutes.  Considering we have to prep the area, apply the mixture, spread it out, let it set, then carefully remove it, the entire process takes about a half hour.


How do you remove the mold from the body?  Does it ever stick?


Tony: We use lubricant to prep the area before the pancake batter is applied.  This makes the removal process very easy.


What does the pancake batter feel like?


Tony: It is warm, not tacky or sticky, just sort of gooey.  Most people we mold actually describe the feeling as being very pleasant.  As a matter of fact, many of them fall asleep while on the molding table.  As it sets it cools, going from warm, to lukewarm, to cold.


Where exactly do the moldings take place?  What does the facility look like?


Tony: There is a special room at the Topco Sales facility in Chatsworth, California.  It is private and unassuming.  It has a table similar to one you would find in a doctor’s office, but it is padded and comfortable.  The room is small, without a lot of distractions.  One of the reasons it needs to be small is so we can easily control the temperature.


Why do you need to control the temperature?


Tony: The people being molded are naked, and could easily get cold.  For men it is especially important for them not to get chilly as they have to retain their erection throughout the process.


Shrinkage, right?


Tony: Right, we want the men, some of which are known for their big size, to have an authentic replica.  It is very important for it to be as hard as possible. 


Hmmm, I wonder if there are fluffers involved with getting them hard.  Since this post is getting long, we’ll find out tomorrow!





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Ran into James Mann on the Escalator and He Made Me Think of Zombie Porn

Can We Really Watch Zombie Porn?

Can We Really Watch Zombie Porn?

So as fate would have it I ran into writer/director James Gunn (Dawn of the Dead, Scooby Doo, The Specials) on the escalator after a seminar in Hollywood recently.  He had spoken about his upcoming short Humanzee which is going to be available on XBox 360.  I got to see the trailer of the twisted piece featuring Jenna Haze.

Anyway, while floating down to P5 on the escalator I ran into him and we briefly chatted.  I told him I worked for the world’s largest sex toy manufacturer and that if he ever needed some toys for his flicks to give me a call.  He told me he’s working on a reality show with Belladonna and here might be something there. 

Sweet!!!  Sex toys in a James Gunn flick!

So you never know, some day in the future you might see it.

Later that day with the thoughts of zombies and sex toys intermingling in my head I came across an article in the June issue of AVN Europe about how zombie porn is on the rise.  The article talks specifically about “Otto: Up with Dead People”, the gay zombie porn flick that 30 people walked out of at the show’s Sundance screening. 

Zombie Porn.

Does that cross a line?  I wonder. 

Our very dear Joanna Angel has done some zombie porn under her Burning Angle label. Re-Penetrator even was an AVN award winner. 

I guess I gotta watch some to judge for myself.  I do have a really twisted love of zombie movies.  But could I watch them F*#!K?  Is it wrong to want to watch zombies F*%^k??   Is it taboo?  Can anyone admit they like Zombie Porn in a public forum without risking being ostracized like a rabid rottweiler?

I mean, vampires are sexy as hell, they are undead, too.  The only real difference between a vampire and a zombie is the zombie is gross and the vampire, (especially the Brad Pitt variety) is freaking make-me-melt sexy.  That whole biting the neck thing is just a metaphor for penetration.  So if vamps can do it, why can’t zombies?  Seems like a double standard.

I want James Gunn to make me some zombie porn.  I should call and ask.  “Hey James, it’s the sex toy lady you met on the elevator.   Just wondering, can you make me some zombie porn?” 

James Gunn zombie porn would be some good stuff. 

For any other aspiring zombie porn directors out there, there’s a contest: the Zombiefiles is looking for some original content, so grab the fake blood and your camera and make me some zombie porn!  You never know, it just might inspire some zombie sex toys…


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