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Inside The Silver Spoon Malibu Beach House Topco Top Secret Room

Lindsey Lohan played with the Grrl Toyz Lipstick Vibrator.  Jennifer Carpenter and Busy Phillips played with some Naughty Grrl Toyz bondage gear.  That’s right, celebrities are exploring the adult themed products in the TopcoTop Secret Room at the famous Silver Spoon Malibu Beach House!DCP_3067

A relaxation destination for celebrities, stylists and press, the Silver Spoon Malibu Beach House is open for the entire month of July and features the best *SUMMER MUST HAVES* from some of the most respected brands in the world.

New this year is a very special room in the Malibu Beach House–The Topco Top Secret Room.  It is brimming with some of Topco Sales’ most prestigious brands and products including: Climax, Grrl Toyz, Penthouse Toys, Joanna Angel Burning Angel Toys, The 69 Collection, The Private Dancer Stripper Pole, and the Bondage Love Swing

To see the latest on the Topco Sales Top Secret Room visit the official website

Some upcoming celebrity guest and events include: a press junket for Van Wilder, a party hosted by Shannen Doherty and Jaime Lynn Siegler, a Rocco Despirito dinner, visits from Paris Hilton, Amanda Bynes, the Duffs, Denise Richards, Lance Bass, Mario Lopez, MTV’s The Hills cast and many others.


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Too Broke for High End Sex Toys? Check these Low Cost Alternatives to Luxury Sex Toys…

There’s that pretty display case in your local boutique sex toy store filled with frilly feathery minxy things  and bean-shaped flowery gadgets.   Gorgeous, aren’t they?

Locked and lighted and reserved for customers with discerning tastes and juicy fat wallets—these are the high-end sex toys.  The toys that cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars.  Toys that rock stars and trust fund babies flock to. 

The helpful sales person at the sex toy store will likely try to steer you toward those pricey toys in the display case.  After all, the bigger the sale, the bigger their commission. 

But wait!  In this economy who can afford a freaking gold-plated sex toy?  You aren’t a trust fund baby or a rock star.  Until you start pulling six figures a year, these insider’s tips will help you shop smarter, save cash, and buy a sex toy that is just as nice as those luxury models.

Now let’s say you’re eyeing one of those dainty bean-shaped toys with all those frou-frou flowers but there’s no way you can afford it.  Just walk over to the Grrl Toyz display and find the Discreet Curved Vibe.

discreet-curved-vibe1  discreet-curved-out

Compact for travel with a curved design that hugs the body, the Discreet Curved Vibe is slightly larger and therefore easier to handle than the frou-frou bean shaped vibes—and it costs about $50 less than even the most basic beanie model.

Do you have a fun-loving affinity for silicone toys shaped like animals?  If dolphins turn you on, then get a unique and affordable one!  


The Climax Silicone Splash Dolphin is made from 100% platinum cured silicone.  It has a curved tail that you can use as a handle, or the included Silky-Smooth love bullet can be inserted to make Flipper flip-out and vibrate.  Hygienic, safe, and beautiful, this dolphin is waterproof and retails in the mid-thirty dollar range.

What if you are looking for a fancy G-Spot vibe, but you don’t have a C-Note to spend?   The popular Slimline G is an economical option for you. 


slim-in  slim-out

Available in a variety of colors and sizes, the Slimline G is perfectly angled for G-Spot hunting and can also be used for external stimulation.  Ideal for playing alone or with a partner, the simple design is as brilliant as it is practical.  It is made of hard plastic with no controversial phthalates and retails for around $30.00.

If you can’t fork out the dough for the sparkly glass dildo illuminated in the display case like the Hope Diamond—and priced like it, too—then indulge with the CyberGlass Pink Indulgence from Adam and Eve Signature Toys. 

pink-indulgence-out  pink-indulgence-in

CyberGlass is hand-blown, fracture-resistant, and can be heated or cooled to a desired temperature.   The CyberGlass Pink Indulgence has a trendy color, is angled for G-Spots, and even includes a pretty storage bag.  It looks just as good as its pricy counterparts when you take it out of the packaging—and costs a third of what they do, too!

Furry, fuzzy, fluffy, frilly toys can capture your attention in the blink of an eye.  But if you ain’t got the dough for the bling, then the Taboo Tease is what you can swing! 

tease-in  tabboo-tease

This bejeweled vibe might not sparkle with Swarovski crystals, but it does gleam with fashionable rhinestones and frill with a super soft tickler attached to the base.  The shimmering plastic vibe is both attractive and phthalate-free.  Priced at pennies on the dollar compared to that frilly pinky minxy thingy, the Taboo Tease is sure to please your pocket book, too. 

And if you’re sad because your toy doesn’t come with a fancy stand, please remember that smart people store their sex toys in drawers or satin bags for privacy and cleanliness.  Really, who puts their sex toy on display to attract dust and dirt?  Ewww…

There are many other frugal options when shopping for sex toys.  Before you even walk into the store have an idea of the type of toy you are looking for.  Decide in advance what functions are most important and search them out.  Do your comparison shopping and let Topco Sales provide you with cost-conscious sex toys until you get that fifty-thousand dollar a year raise! 


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Been Naughty this Year? Good! Then Santa Should Bring You Sex Toys!

How about spicing things up this holiday with some special sex toys for those who have been naughty? 

The last minute shopping, traffic, packed malls, your in-laws and a slew of holiday parties all add up to this time of year being a big stressful pain in the butt.  Well give yourself a little Holiday Cheer with some of these naughty gifts. 

And don’t forget your husband or wife.  Really, he doesn’t want an electric shaver and she doesn’t want a dust devil.  Instead give each other something sexy and make this holiday season extra naughty!

Naughty Grrl Toyz–These flirty pink plush bondage toys are perfect for girls who have been very naughty this year. 


Now if you have both been naughty, then do something real nice for each of you!  Bring a cock ring into the bedroom.  They are perfect little stocking stuffers that provide stimulation for both him and her.  Penthouse Toys has some great cock rings!


 Don’t forget the lube!  Add a little zip with a flavored lubricant like Fizz Soda flavored lube.  These sugar-free lubes really taste like your favorite soda.  There are a variety of flavors to try…afterall, everyone needs to have lubricant, so why not use something fun and yummy!


And if you just need a good ol’ vibrator then Climax is just for you.  Perfect for couples, Climax has vibrators, remote control sex toys, silicone sex toys and lubricants.


Have fun this holiday season, from all your friends at Topco Sales!

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Vote in Lesbian Sex Toy Reviewer Contest!

The Lesbian Lifestyle online community is having a competition to crown their next, official, sex toy reviewer.

Armed with a slew of goodies to sample from Topco Sales, the contestants all submited a sex toy review.  Their reviews are being voted and the winner will be crowned on Sunday.

The items being reviewed inlcude the grrl toyz Double Happiness Dual Pulsating and Vibrating Love Bullet, the Penthouse Powerlock Harness and the Penthouse Powerlock Cock-n-Balls

Make sure you vote for your favorite lesbian sex toy reviewer!

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Win grrl toyz and a Love Swing at Hot 92.3’s Girls Night Out Party

Win a Swing!
Win a Swing!



Hot 92.3 is at is again with another Girls Night Out Saturday, March 21, 2009.

Loveshack parties will be there again featuring the Love Swing.  Jump on it while you’re there and give it a whirl!  They will also have info on the Penthouse City Toys contest and will give you a chance to win some Penthouse City Toys!

Hustler Hollywood will also feature Topco Sales products like Joanna Angel Burning Angel toys, samples of Sex Tarts lubes and more.

See you at the NEXT Girls Night Out!  For details, visit Hot 92.3’s website.


Topco Sales partners with Love Shack Parties for Hot 92.3’s annual Girls Night Out Party.  It takes place tonght, October 3 at QC 20/20 at the Quiet Canyon Nightclub, 901 Via San Clemente, Montebello, CA.

The party is dubbed “Boys, Toys and More” by the radio station and will feature a variety of booths and displays, including Love Shack Party booths.  One of the Love Shack Party booths will feature grrl toyz products and the other will display the Topco Sales TLC Love Swing—which will be raffled off to a lucky winner.

Party-goers will have chances all night long to win free grrl toyz goodies, including the Incognito Tickling Dust Brush with Berry Powder, the Incognito Lipstick Vibe, Swirl Spot Lollipop and Sweet Spot Lollipop Vibes and more.


The original Love Swing is a favorite promotional tool for Love Shack Parties.  It is often displayed at events and tradeshows.  Courtney Meredith of Love Shack Parties is the designated ‘swinger’ and is renowned for her Love Swing performances.


Hot 92.3 radio personality Renee Taylor hosts the event.  There will also be live music, food, pampering for the ladies, and plenty of hot boys.  For tickets and more details visit Hot 92.3 online. 


The event is expected to draw in 3,000 people.  Hope you can be one of them!  I am going along with Ali, who also works here at Topco Sales and writes two of our blogs as a part of our Topco Sales Community.

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SAVE THE VIBE! Take Green Sex Toy Survey and Win Free Vibrator

Hey, our friends over at Sex Toy Testers are helping us SAVE THE VIBE! The vibrator in question is the grrl toyz Endless Love Rechargeable Vibe. This is a very environmentally-friendly vibrator as you recharge it and don’t use a bunch of nasty batteries.

Why are we trying to save this eco-friendly sex toy? Well this poor little misunderstood vibrator just isn’t selling as much as the corporate suits would like. So we are trying to save it! It is truly an amazing, green, sex toy that has an inovatative charging system–you just plug it it and charge it up and your ready to go!

Sex Toy Testers are helping by posting a Green Sex Toy Survey for us. So all you have to do to SAVE THE VIBE is take the survey and let us know what you think about eco-friendly sex toys!

The cool part is that we are giving away the grrl toyz Endless Love Rechargeable Vibe to ten random people who fill out the survey. The vibe retails for about $70…so it is a sweet prize.



Click here to take the Green Sex Toy Survey, to SAVE THE VIBE, and to maybe win a free grrl toyz Endless Love Rechargeable Vibe!  And you can find out more on the Topco Sales Community.


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