Who is Desiree Duffie?



Desiree Duffie is the Director of Marketing and Public Relations for one of the world’s largest sex toy manufacturers; Topco Sales. Desiree knows what the sex toy “buzz” is AND knows how to make it!  She is a marketing maven dedicated to raising awareness about the products that make you go “topc-OHHH!”







 How I Got Here


Certainly didn’t dream of working in a dildo factory while growing  up…didn’t really even know what a dildo factory was until I got the job here at the age of 30-something.  Well, I guess I knew that dildo factories existed, just never thought too much about them.  Certainly never expected to be in one.  But as fate would have it my resume was plucked from Yahoo Hot Jobs by Scott Tucker, the CEO of Topco Sales, and he called me about a marketing/PR position.


After a pleasant, yet vague, conversation about this his manufacturing company in Chatsworth that had me wondering exactly what the company made, Scott fessed up and told me they manufactured adult toys.  I paused, rather akwardly, and Scott gently continued, “I’d love to have you come in for an interview, but I want you to understand what we do here.  It isn’t for everyone, so if you don’t feel the job is for you, then I won’t to waste your time.  Just being honest and upfront.”


I like honest and upfront. 


I went to the intervew, was offered the job on the spot, and my very first assignment was to attend the Adult Novelty Expo which was happening that very weekend.  I was pretty much thrown into the deep end.  I think Scott wanted to see if I would sink or swim.


I swam…well, treaded water through rapids was more like it.


I freaked out.  I remember calling my best friend and exclaiming, “Veroncia!  You will NEVER guess where I am!  It’s a sex tradeshow with vibrators and dildos and blow up dolls and porn!”  She asked me why I was there and I told her it was for a job, “but there was NO WAY I COULD WORK HERE!  I have no idea what most of this stuff is or where it goes.”  I didn’t even kow what a butt plug looked like until that day.


She calmed me down, told me she knew lots of friends in the porn industry and that really, I was over-reacting.  “Give it a shot!” she said.


I did.


And I’m glad.  Despite the surreal moments like listening to the CEO of the company talk at a meeting while a CyberSkin pussy stared back at me from the wall just behind his head…it has been a fun ride.  And it is just beginning. 


I hope you’ll join me.  I learn something new everyday.  And I hope you will, too!









3 responses to “About

  1. kurt

    Hi. Thanks for the chats @ the whiskey industry event last week. Very good to meet you, your carbon friend, and your blow up friend. Take care

  2. Hey Kurt, got your message on my blog. It was nice meeting you, too. You were a riot to hang out with! Dancing with the doll was so hilarious! Hahah, good times!

    So glad you had fun, the Joanna Angel Blow Up doll certainly did. (:

    Do you live in St. Louis? Do you visit LA much?


  3. Oh, hit me up on my email if you want, desiree @ topcosales.us

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