Picking the Right Sex Toy Reviewer

double-teamer1We send out a lot of different types of sex toys to different reviewers all over the world.  Some of them go to women’s magazines, trade magazines like XBiz and ANB, bloggers and more. 

It is a great way for us to get feedback on products.  We also love the fact that so many others can learn about our products by reading somebody’s first-hand review of it. 

We make so many different types of products for all types of people.  Adam & Eve Signature Toys really capture the porn’s brand with sexy girls on the packaging and no-fuss products that do the job right. 

The Penthouse Pet Collection is a series of toys molded directly from Pets’ body parts and made out of CyberSkin so they feel JUST like a real Penthouse Pet.

One of my pesonal favorites is Chi Chi LaRue’s Rascal Toys.  These are HUGE toys made for gay men and they are simply awe inspiring.  I don’t use them, but I can appreciate their sense of style!

One of our most popular in-house brands is Grrl Toyz.  Sexy, savvy, saucy these toys target the ladies who know they don’t need any silly boyz as long as they got their toyz.

So when we send products out to all these different reviewers sometimes an unfortunate thing happens.  The wrong type of person gets the wrong type of toy.

It breaks my heart to read a review of a big ol’ honkin Rascal toy by some little old married couple in the UK.  No shit that toy is going to scare the crap out of them!

Rascal Toys Reviewed

We kinda take a leap of faith when we send products to the different review sites.  Sex Toy Testers in the UK does a bang-up job getting our products into the hands of their reviewers, but do they really have to send the Rascal toys to the heterosexual married couples? 

Rascal Butt Plug Reviewed

It is important for me to address this because Topco Sales puts so much energy into creating a variety of brands and products that appeal to all different types of people, it is unfortunate when a great product gets a bad review because it got into the hands of the wrong person.

It is a struggle to find good sex toy reviewers.  Sounds easy, huh?  Someone sends you a box of toys, you play with them, then write up what you think.  Well, we’ve found that many random people kinda get busy with their life so they don’t always post that promised review. 

Sometime people feel like they need to review a toy like a movie reviewer and purposely look for flaws.

Many are just plain inexperienced and don’t understand how an item even works.  I mean really, dude, you don’t know how to use a cockring?  Why is the review site sending REALLY BASIC TYPE of products to people who don’t even know how to use them? 

Cockring Review

If we get a negative review based on the merits of the product, that is fine.  The constructive critisism is okay by me. 

In this case they sent a very high-end pair of CyberSkin Breasts, molded from Penthouse Pet Kimberly Williams, to a woman.  Really?  Obviously this product is for a guy who like big boobs. 

Kimberly Williams Boobs Review

Not all of the reviews are bad, actually, most of them are quite good.  Sex Toy Testers did a gret job selecting the reviewers of the new Slimline G 8X Dual Pleasers.  I personally think these toys are as functional as they are gorgeous and it is nice to see them appreciated.

Slimline Review

I’m looking for a few good reviewers.  Need the best of the best.  People who take it seriously.  We don’t pay for reviews or offer affiliate programs of any kind.  We have integrity and treat our reviewers like members of the press.  We hope that they are honest and not influenced by money.

Interested?  Lemme know!  We got some cooool toys to give to the right people to test.


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11 responses to “Picking the Right Sex Toy Reviewer

  1. I would love to help review toys for you. I have been in the industry for over 6 years and have had lots of experience with toys.
    I am a life coach and sex therapist. You can find out more at my website thegoddessnextdoor!
    Cheers, Angela

  2. I’d like to review some toys. I’ve been out of the loop for the past 2 months but am now back in action. I don’t mind which toys, but my personal favourites are anal toys and anything with a vibration!

  3. Excellent! Happy to have both Sienna and Angela as two new toy reviewers.

    Sienna, we’ll be in contact with you soon to give you the details.

    Thanks, looking forward to seeing the reviews on your blogs!


  4. becky

    Hello, would love to review toys for your company. Have over 3 years experience in the industry. So if you would like an aussie perspective on any product I would be more than happy to voice them to you.

  5. Theresa & Dave

    Hello, We would love to be included testing toys if this is still available.

    We’ve been testing toys for several years on the sextoytesters.co.uk site and we are always willing to try every toy we’ve been sent.


    Theresa & Dave

  6. Thanks all for your interest in reviewing toys! We’ll be in touch via email.


  7. i know what you mean. i HATE when ANB sends me stuff that is CLEARLY not intended for a gay man. 😉 however sometimes you luck out, like when they sent me the Blake Riley Vibrating Ass replica.

    it’s fucking amazing – I threw my back out “reviewing” it and honestly it’s so much easier than trying to get my boyfriend to let me review him sometimes. this is a product every gay couple should invest in, after all we’re not always in the mood at the same time and i’ve never found a replica toy that feels this close to the real thing. better actually. my boyfriends ass doesn’t vibrate when i review it. *wink*

    • Gonna send ANB a pretty pink rabbit vibe next week and tell them they HAVE to give it to you to review. (:

      You are one of the best reviewers they have, they are lucky they got you!

  8. Hi Desiree!

    Here’s a positive review for you love!


    I’ll review your guys stuff any time! Sure would love to have an April Flores 🙂

    And, not I’m not a heterosexual couple, but a kinky, bi girl who likes chubby women.


  9. That is a great toy and yes its all about the reveiwers of the toys.

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