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Ran into James Mann on the Escalator and He Made Me Think of Zombie Porn

Can We Really Watch Zombie Porn?

Can We Really Watch Zombie Porn?

So as fate would have it I ran into writer/director James Gunn (Dawn of the Dead, Scooby Doo, The Specials) on the escalator after a seminar in Hollywood recently.  He had spoken about his upcoming short Humanzee which is going to be available on XBox 360.  I got to see the trailer of the twisted piece featuring Jenna Haze.

Anyway, while floating down to P5 on the escalator I ran into him and we briefly chatted.  I told him I worked for the world’s largest sex toy manufacturer and that if he ever needed some toys for his flicks to give me a call.  He told me he’s working on a reality show with Belladonna and here might be something there. 

Sweet!!!  Sex toys in a James Gunn flick!

So you never know, some day in the future you might see it.

Later that day with the thoughts of zombies and sex toys intermingling in my head I came across an article in the June issue of AVN Europe about how zombie porn is on the rise.  The article talks specifically about “Otto: Up with Dead People”, the gay zombie porn flick that 30 people walked out of at the show’s Sundance screening. 

Zombie Porn.

Does that cross a line?  I wonder. 

Our very dear Joanna Angel has done some zombie porn under her Burning Angle label. Re-Penetrator even was an AVN award winner. 

I guess I gotta watch some to judge for myself.  I do have a really twisted love of zombie movies.  But could I watch them F*#!K?  Is it wrong to want to watch zombies F*%^k??   Is it taboo?  Can anyone admit they like Zombie Porn in a public forum without risking being ostracized like a rabid rottweiler?

I mean, vampires are sexy as hell, they are undead, too.  The only real difference between a vampire and a zombie is the zombie is gross and the vampire, (especially the Brad Pitt variety) is freaking make-me-melt sexy.  That whole biting the neck thing is just a metaphor for penetration.  So if vamps can do it, why can’t zombies?  Seems like a double standard.

I want James Gunn to make me some zombie porn.  I should call and ask.  “Hey James, it’s the sex toy lady you met on the elevator.   Just wondering, can you make me some zombie porn?” 

James Gunn zombie porn would be some good stuff. 

For any other aspiring zombie porn directors out there, there’s a contest: the Zombiefiles is looking for some original content, so grab the fake blood and your camera and make me some zombie porn!  You never know, it just might inspire some zombie sex toys…



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