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Need a Sexologist? We got one!

Tera Grengs, Certified Sexologist

Tera Grengs, Certified Sexologist

One of the resident expert bloggers here at Topco Sales just received her certificate in sexology.  Congratulations to Tera Grengs for this acreditation!

Tera’s certificate comes from the American College of Sexologists, a non-profit, professional association of the Exodus Trust.

Why did she get certified?  Because my buddy Tera is like a walking sex-encyclopedia!  If you want to learn about mysterious topics like the G-Spot or the P-Spot or how many different versions of the “Shocker” there are, then you gotta hit Tera up.

Her blog, Confessions of a Dildo Slinger, is a frank discussion of all things sexual that your momma never told you. 

Remember, the Topco Sales Community of bloggers all hang out on our Community page and we have an interactive forum if there is anything you want to discuss.  Tera–or should I say; Professional Sexologist Tera Grengs–hangs out there and can answer your questions about sex toys, vibrators, strokers, CyberSkin, butt plugs, blow up dolls, and more!

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Blow Up Doll Truck Stop Trixxxie Visits Las Vegas for Appearance at Erotic Museum Event

The quirky blow up doll manufactured by Topco Sales, called “Truck Stop Trixxie”, is making her way to Las Vegas for the Rockabilly Pin Up & Car Showtrixxie

With Pabst Blue Ribbon beer on tap, Truck Stop Trixxie couldn’t say no when invited.  The blow up sex doll is going to be among the party favors.  The Rockabilly Pin Up & Car Show is happening at the Erotic Heritage Museum.  It also includes live music, burlesque, a vintage car show, and valet parkeing provided by Deja Vu Showgirls.

Truck Stop Trixxie recently received internet fame with her Las Vegas excursions which were posted on You Tube.  And you thought blow up dolls were just gag gifts!

The Erotic Heritage Musuem is a must-see in Las Vegas!  It captures all things erotic in a myriad of media, and trust me, their fundraising events aren’t like your mama’s galas!  Sexy, artistic, fun is abundant at these parties.

When visiting the Erotic Heritage Museum be sure to visit the Topco Sales’ wall display.  It outlines the 35 year history of Topco Sales and provides a rare glimpse into the inner workings of a novelty manufacturer.

If you are in Vegas this Saturday, stop by for the Rockabilly Pin Up & Car Show and see if you can win your very own Trick Stop Trixxie blow up doll.  And don’t forget, Truck Stop Trixxie has other blow up doll friends which are all found under the Cheap Sex line of products and are made by Topco Sales.



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