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Drill baby, drill!
Drill baby, drill!

Sarah Palin Blow-up Doll is full of more Hot Air than the Real Republican Vice Presidential Running Mate

Topco Sales introduces an inflatable sex doll dubbed ‘This is Not Sarah Palin Inflatable Love Doll’ just in time for the hot and heavy presidential election.  Soon to be available in stores and online, the ‘This is Not Sarah Palin Inflatable Love Doll’ is sure to liven up any town hall meeting, vice presidential debate, or caribou hunting party.


To quote Autumn O’Bryan, “Sarah Palin is one hot pundit!  Sarah Palin bikini photos and sexy pictures of the republican vice presidential candidate are steaming up the Internet.  With that in mind, we here at Topco Sales wanted to give the public a piece of the beauty pageant queen in time for the erection…I mean election.  This blow-up sex doll could really satisfy the swing voters.”


The sexy ‘This is Not Sarah Palin Inflatable Love Doll’ won’t debate you—and that’s a good thing.  Her wide-open mouth doesn’t spew political bipartisanism because she’s just waiting for you to ‘drill baby, drill.’  Two other openings offer alternate ways to lay a pipeline in this Alaskan MILF.


Topco Sales is also offering the blow-up doll as a stand-in for Palin during the next Biden/Palin vice presidential debate.  The ‘This is Not Sarah Palin Inflatable Love Doll’ already has that moose-caught-in the headlight stare, and certainly knows more about foreign policy—having been manufactured in China and all.



For press inquiries hit me at pr@topcosales.us .

Find press release and product image here. ( http://www.topcosales.us/press_releases.asp )

Engage us and tell us what you think on the Topco Sales Community.

Find out what the mastermind behind the sex doll has to say here. ( http://autumnobryan.com/ )










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