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Sex Toy Blogging Experts Create Online Community–Join Us!


So if you are reading this blog you are obviously interested in sex toys, talking about toys, learning what they are, finding out about Topco Sales–the leading sex toy manufacturer, discovering how they are made, and all that jazz. 

It is with YOU in mind that we created a sex toy online community.  It is the Topco Sales Community and it has six expert Topco Sales sex toy bloggers all listed there.  It is like our little home for our bloggers.  The actual blogs are on Word Press and other sites, but we put them all in the Topco Sales Community so they are easy to find as a TEAM!

Now we really wanna be the source for your questions about ANYTHING sex toy and personal lubricant related.  So we made a forum where you can ask questions, share stories, learn about toys, and more.  The forum is also a part of the Topco Sales Community.

Plus we have an FAQ section, links to other sex toy blogs and more.

It is very web 2.0 of us.  We kinda feel hip now.

Here is just a little bit more about the other memebers of the Topco Sales Community Blog Team:


Dr. Tim—Resident Sex Toy Material and Personal Lubricant Expert at Topco SalesDr. Tim blogs about materials, ingredients, health and safety in the world of sex toys and personal lubricants/cosmetics.


Ali—Jack of All Trades, Master of One: Writing About Sex Toys!  Topco Sales’ copywriter has two blogs, one is a first-person review of Topco Sales’ toys and the other is a candid look at life inside the ‘Dildo Factory’.


Justina—Resident Enviro-Sexpert.  Justina has an eco-friendly sex blog that discusses the carbon footprint of getting it on.


Autumn O’Bryan—The Brains and the Brawn Behind the Sex Toys at Topco Sales.  As the Director of Product Development, Autumn’s blog is a sneak peak into the life of the mastermind behind some of the most influential toys on the market.


Tera—She Slings Sex Toys Down by the Seashore.  A Topco Sales Account Executive for five years, Tera sells the toys that make the world go ‘round.  She knows how the toys work and gives advice about what goes where and why and for how long and…well you get the picture.


That’s our blogging team…our own little network!  Hope you join us.

Dr. Tim    Ali   Justina   AutumnOb    Tera  


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Adult Novelty Expo Insider’s View

Topco Sales sex toys on display at ANE Show

Ever wonder how those AMAZING sex toys get to market?  It all starts at the annual Adult Novelty Expo (ANE). 

Vibrators, dildos, sex machines, new personal lubricants, dolls and more are all showcased by leading novelty manufacturers so distribution companies and retailers can view the latest and greatest.  This year’s show happened July 14th and 15th.

One of the top novelty manufacturers in the world is Topco Sales.  That’s where I work.  So I decided to give you a rare insider’s view of what goes on at the ANE…a show that doesn’t allow the public to attend!

Amazingly enough the show takes place at the Universal Hilton and Sheraton hotels right next to Universal studios, theme park and City Walk in California.  Entire families are in the vacinity; rubbing shoulders with sex toy convention goers and porn stars.  This may be a true testament to the softening image of sex toys in society.  No longer taboo, no longer designated as something naughty you find in the back of porn stores, sex toys are more acceptable than ever before.

Topco Sales was the ‘bell of the ball’ at the ANE show.  I know, I know, I work there and I’m paid to say stuff like that, but in all honesty the company had an incredibly stylish booth that showcased some of the most inventive products to hit the market. 

Among the favorites are the new Bondage Love Swing, the Cesar 2.0 Love Machine, new silicone toys under the climax line, Penthouse City Toys and new replica pieces from porn stars Tommy Gunn and Joanna Angel

The molded pieces are always a hit.  Topco Sales actually molds the body parts of adult superstars and makes toys out of them.  Both Joanna Angel and Tommy Gunn’s pieces are made out of CyberSkin which feels just like real skin.  Both Tommy and Joanna stopped by the Topco Sales booth to check out their body parts.  Joanna seemed to enjoy the fact that temporary tattoos come with her product.  The tats look just like Joanna’s real signature body art and can be rubbed onto her CyberSkin Pussy and Ass or on real human skin.  Tommy was pretty amazed that his toy looks so much like his real penis.  I was amazed at how large…I mean the size compared to…well you know what I mean. 

                                                     Punk Porn Princess Joanna Angel shows off her CyberSkin Pussy and Ass      
  Tommy Gunn holds up his CyberSkin Penis

Punk Porn Princess Joanna Angel shows off her CyberSkin Pussy and Ass while Tommy Gunn holds his CyberSkin Penis. 

 These and over 150 new products from Topco Sales are starting to hit store shelves.  You can stay abreast of the newest toys…oh and speaking of BREASTS!  There are a couple of biggies in the Penthouse Pet toy line!  But you’ll find out about those in a later post.  As I was saying, stay informed about Topco Toys right here.  And hit me up if you have questions!



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