Party Planners Paint a Pack of Paint-a-Peckers at the International Lingerie Show

The Internation Ligerie Show (also known as ILS) is a premier event for the makers of lingerie, costumes, and botique-friendly novelty items. 

It happens twice a year in Las Vegas and includes a fashion show like no other.

It draws a variety of Home Party Planners as well, those are the women who sell novelty products kinda like your mom used to sell Tupperware or CookieLee…you know, throw a party, invite your friends over, sell some sex toys.

This year a membership organization for Home Party Planners is hosting a VIP suite during the International Lingerie Show.  Topco Sales is helping out by showcasing some of our products there.

Topco Sales has also teamed up with HPPPA to create a Paint-a-Pecker contest for home party plannners. 

Noveltease Paint-a-Peckers from Topco Sales are one of the most unique, fun products to hit the market in a long time.  These cute ceramic characters are personified penises that can be painted.  They make a great activity at home parties and are a sure-hit  for bachelorette parties, wedding showers, birthday parties, ladies’ nights, and more.

The contest is taking place in the HPPPA Suite in the Masquerade Suite during the ILS.  It is part of the HPPPA mixer happening on Monday Sept. 15th to the 17th from noon to 8pm each night.

I will post the results of the contest when I get back from Vegas…and if you are a Home Party Planner, then visit the HPPPA Suite during the International Lingerie Show and Paint some Peckers with us and wins some Topco Sales swag!




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3 responses to “Party Planners Paint a Pack of Paint-a-Peckers at the International Lingerie Show

  1. Wow ~ what a great new product! I think this will be a definite hit for bachelorette parties. I want one!

  2. I would love to have a worldwide paint-a-pecker contest. Maybe there can be a gallery exhibit of the perfect painted peckers…

  3. I am intrested in hosting a worldwide paint-a-pecker contest. The one we did in Vegas at the International Lingerie Show (ILS) was fun!

    We love the idea of having a contest at your next home party. Pick a few up at your local distributor and bring some pecker fun into your next party, I did!

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