Fat Ass Stars in Bromance on MTV

Fat Ass stars in Bromance on MTV

Fat Ass stars in Bromance on MTV

Sometimes my job ammuses the hell out of me.

Got an email today from some producer for Bromance on MTV.  He asked if I could send him a bunch of the Fat Ass Party Dolls for a new reality TV show.

So I of course asked him why!

Here is his response:

Thank you so much for getting back to me.  I am working on a new reality show for MTV called Bromance.  It stars Brody Jenner (from MTV’s The Hills), and is a competition show where guys will be competing to be a part of Brody’s entourage.  We are interested in using a number of the “Fat-Ass Inflatable Party Doll” (the one with no holes and a bikini) for one of our competition segments.  The guys will have to tie the inflatable dolls together to make a raft and paddle their way across a pool.  The segment is in good fun, and I know that the “Fat-Ass” doll would be perfect for this.


Please let me know if this is something you would be interested in providing for the show in exchange for an end credit.


Hehehe.  Now that sounds like some good clean fun with ol’ Fat Ass!

As for bromances in general, I wonder if there is a need for those boys to have some toys.  You know, you got a couple of heterosexuals who are man crushin’ on each other with just a tad of sexual tension between them…I think they need a toy to alieve it before an innocent night with one-too-many appletinis leads to…well you know.

So here are my top five Topco Toys to Tame the bromance:

Adam and Eve®
Carmen Luvana & Austyn Moore CyberSkin® Dual Pussy & Ass Stroker

Cheap Sex® Truck Stop Trixxxie, The Inflatable Lot Lizard Doll

Adam and Eve® Penis Pump

X-Rated™ CyberSkin® Virgin Cherry

TLC® CyberSkin® Cyber Suck

However, sometimes a bromance is a sign of something more.  For guys unable to resisit temptation, try a toy you can play with together!

My suggestion:


Rascal™ Toys Doubleteamer

That bad boy is the size of a baseball bat!  If that doesn’t satisfy a bromance, then I don’t know what will.

I’ll keep you posted about the status of the Fat Ass Party Doll being on Bromance on MTV…should be a riot to watch!



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5 responses to “Fat Ass Stars in Bromance on MTV

  1. funsextoyreviews

    Hahahhahaha I totally want to see that episode! Make sure they send it to us. There are not nearly enough BLOW UP DOLLS on prime time television!!!

    Bromance. Totally. Hot.

  2. You are too hilarious. Caught me running out of the office…but thanks! Can’s wait for the next (never lame) Topco update!

  3. Cute! But please don’t besmirch the reputation of the Appletini! It takes a real man to order and drink one of those in a bar.

    As for the dual stroker, great idea to have 4 orifices from which to choose, but share it with a friend? What a competition that would be!

  4. I was so happy that MTV thought to make such a bromantic show, it brought a little tear to my eye…

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